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Hailing from Saharanpur, UP. I, Moin Khan am currently living in New Delhi. After completing my bachelor's degree in Sciences I'm pursuing my Masters in Computer Applications at Jamia Millia Islamia.

I thrive on challenge and set new goals for myself that works to enhance my skills and abilities and encourage me to achieve more.. I'm unceasingly diligent in pursuit of computer programmings. An enthusiast of cricket and pistol shooting looking for opportunities to work with.

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  • Feb 2021

    Bakery Management API

    A simple Api for the Bakery Management that has the different roles for admins and Customers. It has endpoint to work on Ingredients, Dishes and Orders. We can get monthly sales report, order history of Customer. Token authentication has used for authentication. API is made using DJANGO- REST and PostgreSql is used as databses. The project is live Bakery. For documentation visit : Docs

  • Jan 2020

    Book Review API

    A simple API where an author can publish their books and reader can upvote and comments. This API is build using Django Rest Framework where Sqlite3 is used as database.User registration, login/logout is also provided using Custom User.

  • Aug 2020

    Hymn-Music Player

    Hymn is a theatre msuic playing web appliations.The idea behind Hymn is to collect the theatre music and make it available for listeners. The front end is designed using HTML,CSS,javascript & bootstrap whereas the bakend is strongly supported by the MySql and modules written in Python. The whole is integrated using Django.The project is live and you can check it on HYMN

  • Aug 2020

    Freelanced a website.

    Freelanced a website for FUMA INDUSTRIES.The website is designed using HTML,CSS ,JavaScript,Bootstrap etc ,Postgresql is used as the database and the whole project is integrated using Django.The website is live at : Fuma Industries

  • Mar 2020
    june 2020

    AdviceWise-the recommendation system

    AdviceWise is a recommendation system that recommends movies,music and books to the users according to their preferences. This is a group project that is built using Django .The front end uses HTML,CSS,Bootstrap and javascript whereas the back end uses the sqllite database provided by the Django and the cosine similarity algorithm of machine learning.The project is live and you can check it on AdviceWise


  • 2018

    Master of Computer Applications

    Jamia Millia Islamia

    A central university founded in 1920 at New Delhi.

  • 2015

    Bachelor of Science

    Jamia Millia Islamia

    A central university founded in 1920 at New Delhi.

  • 2014


    Saharanpur Public School.

    An ICSE medium school in Saharanpur..

  • 2012

    High School

    Saharanpur Public School

    An ICSE medium school in Saharanpur.


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